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    Can the Javascript API be used from within a theme?


      Hi all,

      Weird question, forgive me

      So say I have a theme some template within it I reference a custom js...

      Can I utilize the JIve Javascript API within this context of a custom js within a theme?  If so how?


      2nd part of question:

      What is the best way to grab environmental information within a javascript called from a theme template?

      For example, I am on a idea page, and I need to do something client side based on what group the id is in, how would I get the idea for the group the idea "resides" in?



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          Ryan Rutan

          The Javascript API is designed to be used inside of Jive Apps specifically, and cannot be leveraged outside of that...including themes. =\


          There is very little available via the javascript when you are clicking around via a theme.  Usually you can glean where you are via meta-tags and JS variables (off the top of my head, I do not remember them, but Dave Myers would be a great person to ask).


          As for the "currentUser" there is a lovely JSON structure, available in JS,


          which contains information like username, ID, etc... which can help with some experience management.


          Hope that helps.