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    Jive ADFS 2.0 external party




      Apologies if this has been answered before but i did have a quick look on previous topics and was not able to find anything.


      We are currently using Kerberos for SSO with a Jive hosted solution.


      We would like to have an external party with just over 100 users have access our Jive intranet.  They currently have an ADFS 2 server.  To get this setup would I need to do the following without manually creating the accounts on Jive


      1. Setup ADFS on our site

      2. Configure hosted solution for SAML authentication (Mappings etc)

      3. Setup Federation services between sites.


      Also if a user that login from the external party is not in the local Jive database will they still be able to login i.e will their account get created on sign on, if yes will all claims that we pass populate for the user profile.



      Hope that makes sense.