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    Modifying Welcome Screen popup in get started


      Hi Guys,


      I want to modify the welcome screen pop up on get started. I am modifying /soy/onboarding/onboarding.soy for the same.


      I want to include my instance instead of "Jive Fundamentals". The code for it goes like :


      <strong class="font-color-white">

            {if $currentVC.name == 'trial'}



                     {msgFormat($currentVC.i18nData.intro_name, $viewData.instanceName)}




      So "else" is the part where i need to modify. Everything is good till now but the problem comes while fetching the name dynamically.

      I tried doing


      @param viewData

      {msgFormat($currentVC.i18nData.intro_name, $viewData.instanceName)}   - didn't worked


      I also tried

      @param instanceName - which didn't worked either.


      So can anyone tell me what is the variable that holds the instance name and how can i print that name.



      Krunal Patel