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    Astroturfing in internal communities

    Jakkii Musgrave

      Such a great turnout at the user group on Tuesday - many thanks to those who were able to attend for the excellent discussions we had. We ran out of time for one last discussion question James Dellow & I had planned to pose, so thought we'd pop it in here. I'm keen to hear your thoughts!

      Firstly, if you're not familiar with the term "astroturfing", there's a great read on good ol' wikipedia. In an online context it relates primarily to the practice of businesses or organisations creating one or many accounts and posting from them as though they were customers, 'fans', or supporters. In an internal context it seems to be rarer, but it still exists:


      When we first rolled out social, we created about 100 "official" communication accounts for posting. That just didn't feel right to me from the get go, but I didn't have any real arguments against it.

      In essence, this team created these accounts in order to push messages and 'control' information.

      So, over to you - what do you think about this kind of practice in internal communities? Any arguments for or against?