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    Filtering not working


      Filtering is not working in 1 of my groups.  We have been told by Jive, there is no fix and no ETA for 1.  It is working in other groups so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work for 1 particular group.  I think if an expert investigated, they would be able to figure it out.

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          John Schwiller

          What kind of filtering? text or tags or action? What version? We had a lot of problems with a 6.0+ site last year for a client but eventually resolved them. Remember that groups aren't really *proper* containers and share several settings with the whole site. More info on the way it is failing might help get more eyes on the prob.

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              Thank you.  We're on Jive waiting to go on Jive 6.0.3  The screenshots below will help. (For some reason the Insert Image button is not available to me so i guess they will be attachments.  I am also attaching a screenshot of my reply to show the button is disabled and also ask about the required Name and Email address fields that are showing.  I'm not familiar with this requirement.  I assume it wants me to enter my information and not the person I am trying to reply to?)


              As you can see in the attached screenshots, my very 1st Idea has the word "Auto" in the title.  When I type that word, I get no results.  This works fine in my other groups. (OK, now I just found there is no way to attach files.  I'm now going to attempt a video as that seems my only option.)


              (I recorded a video and now can't upload it.  I'm forced to point to some public site.  How do I show you what I am doing?)


              It is text filtering.

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              Any update on this?