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    Error when attempting to publish documents through Jive plugin


      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugins for this user. Once she opens an Excel document from Jive, makes minor changes and attempts to republish, she gets this error in Excel. Excel also closes without warning once she clicks on OK:


      Caroline Jive Error.png


      In case the image does not display, it reads:


      Microsoft Excel - (document name): EXCEL.EXE - System Error  Exception Processing Message 0xc0000005 Parameters 0x000007FEFD30718C 0x000007FEFD30718C 0x000007FEFD30718C 0x000007FEFD30718C. Has anyone encountered this before?


      I'm wondering if it's an issue with her Excel rather than the plugin, but otherwise her office apps work fine (including Excel).