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    Can i call a HTTP URL from JIVE with "instanceURL" = "HTTPS"?


      I called HTTP URL from JIVE with "instanceURL" = "HTTP"(public).

      But know i need to do the same call from HTTPS JIVE instance. Any help would be great!

        • Re: Can i call a HTTP URL from JIVE with "instanceURL" = "HTTPS"?

          Marco, it's a bit unclear what you are trying to accomplish.  Jive doesn't put any restrictions on URLs you can call (HTTP vs.  HTTPS).  If you are trying to reference HTTP resources (i.e. via an HTML widget) and your Jive instance is HTTPS, then your browser is most likely blocking the resource as being unsafe.  Any more details around your specific goals, technologies or how you are operating would be helpful to us finding an answer to your question.  Hope this helps.