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    How do I group tasks within a project?


      For example, I'm working on some development that has 3 phases.  I would like to group tasks under each phase (like a milestone) but still have the ability to set dates, labels etc which seems to be missing with subtasks.  Any ideas on how I can use the project - task relationship to group tasks together?


      In my role, I have anywhere from 50-100 projects going on at one time (project = anything with more than one next action step).  So I want to organize them well while still maintaining dates and other actions.  It would be tough to have each milestone set as its own project (Project 1 - Phase 1, Project 1 - Phase 2, etc) since my project list would get huge.  But the subtasks seem to only be good as a checklist and not for maintaining due dates and ownership, therefore I don't think they'll work for a milestone or task grouper.


      Project 1

      Project 2

           Phase 1 due 6/30

                task 1 due 6/24

                task 2 due 6/27

           Phase 2 due 7/30

           Phase 3 due 8/30

      Project 3