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    Need some help on displaying jive apps links


      Hi Ryan / AronRyan Rutan,

      Need some help with the apps developed in new jive sdk.


      I was checking this document https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-114464#jive_content_id_Place_Configuration_Action

      I am trying a configuration which is not mentioned in this document.

      Is there anyway way I can put my app link in following two places?


      1. In the Manage menu

      Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.50.13 PM.png


      2. Under the actions on the right side on manage members page

      Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.50.48 PM.png



      Also how can I restrict the app link / app itself to group admin or system admins only?

      And workaround for this?

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          To my knowledge, the Manage dropdown isn't an extension point and definitely not the side of the manage members page.  The best place I would stick an extension, is similar to how it is done in the Admin Essentials where you tuck the experience behind the group settings.  Does this help?

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              Thanks Ryan.

              Thats what I am using right now (the setting from admin essentials).

              Was just trying to find out of I can place link outside this scope.

              But it makes sense to keep it the way admin essentials is doing.


              Do you have any idea on detecting a group admin or system admin for apps?

              I had one way to do this, not tried it yet. In a group's context, using javascript api I can get all members with state as "owner" and then check if logged in user is part of this group.

              Do you have a better way to use the javascript apis to detect group admin/system admin?

              Also in an app, what all properties of a logged in users are available and how to get that info?