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    Google Search Appliance returns too many items


      We have a community with maybe 5000 discussions and 4000 members, but when GSA crawls the site, it's returning over 300,000 items. Does anyone know how to "tune" the GSA to only search discussions and documents in the Jive environment?

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          Bob, hi,


          I am a certified GSA admin.  I would love to help you with this problem.  At least I can take an hour to look into your site and your GSA and provide accessment of what may or may not be done.  However, in return for this effort, I'd like to know if you had to set up secure authentication for the crawler.  I currently have a customer who's attempts to get the GSA to start secure crawl are running amock and Jive support has not been able to fix the issue.


          Thank you.  David Zlotchenko (on behalf of JH Gross)