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    Way to badge all members?


      We have our 1 year anniversary coming up and want to give a "1 year" badge to all members. Is there a way to automatically badge all active members? Did some searching around to no avail... surely there's a way to do this?



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          Megan Truett

          While I do not know how to auto-magically add a badge to all active users, you could make a badge that is really easy to earn  (say log in once) and have it available for a limited time, like for 30 days. If they are active, they should earn the badge.

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              Sorry for the delayed reply - that's what we may do. Originally we wanted to give it to everyone that had signed up in the 1st year, but it makes to adjust it so they have to log in during the anniversary week in order to earn it. Thanks!

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                  We're trying to do something similar, so I'm going to award all manually (unfortunately). If you have time, another option is to work with Professional Services - just heard about this from support, but I don't know much beyond that right now.


                  I did also just post this idea to potentially have a feature to do this available in the future:

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                      just ran into this for a client, I want to badge all my pilot users with "Early Adopter' badge,


                      I can set up a badge for going back into the community which is only available for a short duration, but if they don't return during that time they could miss the opportunity


                      Also thinking a team (of everyone) and the team gets the badge, but open to any other ideas....BTW: V6 hosted, Bunchball

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                  If I would like to give a badge to only members of a specific group, can I use any triggers to do that? I cannot use 'user event login' and add the metadata 'containerType: socialgroup' containerID:(groupID), right? Any suggestion?