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    Forget 'The Bachelorette': IT + Marketing is the New Romance | Modern Marketing

      Forget ‘The Bachelorette’: IT + Marketing is the New Romance

      Marketers used to only approach IT when the situation was dire, but the rise of marketing technology means that marketing and IT have learned to work together. Here are 3 ways companies can align marketing and IT within their own departments.

      Not very long ago, the main interactions between marketers and the IT department were around upgrading phones, storing files on a backup drive, or maybe transferring someone to the coolest new Mac from an aging PC. Otherwise, marketers only approached IT when the situation was dire.

      1. IT and marketing are in different departments, but work in a friendly, collaborative manner.

      2. The marketing department has a few dedicated IT resources on their team to support critical tools.

      While the flavors of IT and marketing relations can vary, the trend is clear: marketers are becoming more technically aware, and IT is becoming more closely aligned with marketing. What have you observed?

      What have you seen on your local market?

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