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    Changing the Default Sort on the People Page


      Within our community, we noticed that the default sort on the People page is set to Relevance.  We recently learned that this actually does nothing due to a bug in Jive 6, but according to the discussion Changing the default for the People page, (which brought me here!) the default sort can be changed through the Theme, in the filter.soy. 


      I was able to locate this at around line 112, <option value="{$key}" data-sort-order="{$order}" {if $selected} selected="selected" {/if}>{i18nText($label)}</option>, but i'm a bit confused as to what I need to change the line to say to get the default to be by Status level. 


      Has anyone done this before and happen to be able to help a gal out?  I'm learning my way around jive, but I'm not sure I've gotten here yet, and I haven't been able to find anything that can help! Thanks so much!