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    Has anyone made additions to the Create Menu?


      We are looking to make an addition to the Create Menu and are just wondering if anyone knows which files we need to start with to make the changes.  We are hoping to get users to read a Best Practice document before creating Places and think using the below call to Action example could help.  Or if you have something that you are using that alerts users to things to think through/Best Practices before creating a Place.


      Jim Buck

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          This is not a Jive official solution, but it has worked for us...


          Edit this file: soy/nav/createmenu.soy


          Inside the .contentTypes template, there are several {foreach..  loops that produce the links.

          Inject the follow right after one of the {


          {/foreach} <!-- look for this -->


          <!-- add the following -->


              <a href="{link here}" class="js-legacy-create js-container-context">

                  <span style="background-position: -16px -978px;" class="jive-icon-document-upload jive-icon-big"></span>

                 {title here}</a>

              <p>Upload a video to share</p>




          You'll need to update your own background-position to adjust the icon sprite, or provide your own icon there.