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    Internal user and external user authentication


      Hi Community,

      From my understanding, SSO is an on/off thing with internal users, meaning that either all users get LDAP-authenticated or all users get Jive DB-authenticated. But when it comes to external users co-existing on the same instance, is it possible/is the spec that all internal users get LDAP-authenticated while all external users get Jive-DB authenticated?



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          Kara Francis

          I'm also interested in this, but have some follow-up questions.  Do you know if non-LDAP users that are "internal" work the same way as external users?  I know in our internal-only instance we have created users (i.e. test users, acquisitions, etc.), so they are only in the Jive DB, and they have to log in each time (basically they are flagged as non-federated), while everyone who was created as a result of LDAP does not need to sign in.  But I'm not sure how an external interface works compared to what we have done.  Also, we don't allow people to create their own accounts.  Do user-created accounts work the same way as accounts that we manually create?  Are user-created accounts automatically flagged as federated or non-federated?  (These questions will help me know if the ultimate response to Anthony Isaac's question applies to us or not)