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    Where to put SDK suggestions/possible bugs/etc...


      I have been playing with the jive-sdk and OpenShift trying to get them to play nice together, but during this time I got to a point where the system was "registering" an instance but it never registered and then Jive seems to think it is there so it tries to unregister it. The problem is that it keeps trying to unregister even though it fails and it's never actually there... i.e.


      • I install the add on
      • I add the tile to a group
      • the event fails to register but for some reason Jive thinks it's ok
      • when I try to remove the tile
      • Jive tries to unregister
      • node fails to unregister because it doesn't exist
      • node keeps trying to unregister because it didn't succeed...


      I would suggest modifying the SDK so that if it can't find an instance, that it "fails" but returns that it succeeded because technically the instance no longer exists so the end result is the same as if it had. This will also stop the system from this infinite loop of trying to unregister an instance that never actually existed.


      I would also suggest fixing that Jive thinks the instance exists even though it does not. I have not looked into why that is happening anymore than it is though and will let you know if I find out more.


      I am honestly unaware of where to put this so it is going here until someone tells me otherwise

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          Ryan Rutan



          Apologies for the delay here. Instance not found means that at some point the Jive instance was not able to register with your tile.  In order to make this happen, you can issue a "Reconnect to Service" from the Add-On Admin UI.  This should send the Add-On re-registration information such that subsequent requests are "known".


          As for future feedback, feel free to drop it here in this community.  Hope this helps =)



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              Thanks Ryan,

                  I do know that it was unable to register, it is throwing a 400 error every time I try to and I have been tracking it down. Something is weird with how OpenShift and Jive's sdk apps work together and I am doing what I can to figure it out.


              In this case though I was just recommending a change to how the sdk is handling a certain situation based on what I was dealing with. Thanks for the idea though and for the confirmation on where to drop feedback!