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    Is Searching the Blog commets for a specified keyword available webservices on clearspacex (any version)

      Is the SearchService(webservice) searches all the blog comments available on the clearspacex.


      If we want to search comments(blog)  that contains the specified keyword or phrase.


      Searchservice is having the quicksearch

      code--> searchService.quickSearch(" java  abc", new int[]{jiveconstants.COMMENT}, 0,100);

      Does the above line of code searches the all the comments available on the clearspacex and commentText is having the keyword "java" or "abc"?

      I have tried in the clearspacex 1.10.1 and clearspacex1.10.4. That is not returning any results.


      Does any of the clearpacex version  having this type of functionality.


      Thanks in advance,