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    Using Office 2013 with Jive 6.0 - Versioning Issues with the File Names when Editting Documents


      We're running a Jive 6.0 platform and most of our company is using Office 2007.  However, we have a few of our IT personnel are beta testing the Office 365 / 2013 suite.  One of our Beta testers edits a lot of the documents stored in Jive and is having trouble with the Office file names getting appended with version numbers.  For example: If TestSpreadSheet.xlsx is in Jive, She'll open the document for edit and the file name changes to TestSpreadSheet (1).xlsx (and the next time it becomes TestSpreadSheet (1)(1).xlsx and so on.)  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  If so, do you know what settings to change to resolve it?