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    How does your human resources team leverage your internal community?


      We've had lots of great discussions around here about how we're going to leverage our bustling internal community to help push HR initiatives. What are some of the successes and/or failures you've seen with garnering interest through places, content strategies, gamification, full campaigns, etc for things like culture, talent management, retention, recruiting, and the like?

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          Kate Bellard

          Hi Rachel, did you get any help with this or did you figure this out on your own? Was hoping you might have some best practices to share (that I could also share with our HR employees).


          We have private HR collaboration groups in our internal community as well as a HR Storefront and Benefits site for all employees to get help and navigate to other HR systems. However, there is very little interaction between HR and employees.


          I had a conversation with a HR Director last week who is willing to blog, but hesitant on what she should share and who should be reading her posts. I'm looking for topics or examples of how HR is communicating openly with employees on strategic initiatives, FAQs, best practices, etc. I would like to be able to send her some examples or tips that could nudge her and other HR employees to use Jive to educate and train employees and become more transparent.