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    Add To Calendar Event Email


      We may have events that are too large to invite everyone. Instead we direct them to the event page and they would click on the "Add to Calendar" link if they want to. Right now that button prompts for a download which you then have to upload into your account, as opposed to sending an email to the user clicking the link. Is there a setting or an add-on that will change this functionality so that users will receive an email instead of having to download & then upload the ics file?

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          From an add-on perspective, this sounds very doable.

          The cleanest means to do this would be to use WebHooks, and listen to Jive REST Rest API v3.6 → Webhooks service for RSVP events, and then fire off the email automatically; however, I think this is currently a gap in our API, and have filed an improvement in this regard.


          Currently though, you could use an App Content Action on Events, similar to "Send me an Invite" ... that a person could click (and possibly enter preferences), then "Submit".   At that point you would have access to the Event, the User requesting the invite, and the distinct action to send an email invite to them.  There, you would need to build the ICS Email format and have that sent to the requesting using.


          This is a good question, and thanks for sharing the use-case.  Hoping we can get these Webhooks added into the product soon, as it would make this type of Event integration much easier and cleaner IMO =)

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            Patrick Crownover, any luck?


            We'd like to start using the Event Plugin more for our Corporate Events and Conferences.


            Is there any way to invite everyone?  Can this be something that is available only to Administrators?