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    How to share Partner events/Webinars in Jive groups?


      I am looking for advice on the best way to share Partner events / Webinars in a group we are creating that is a "Solutions Training Library". I have described the scenario below and some options that I am aware of. I would like to use the collective brains of this great community to create a 'best practice' for this please (and maybe then also we can jointly recommend some enhancements if it is a common scenario).



      Cisco sends an invitation to a training Webinar by email to "Mark". Mark (library owner) wants to move that invitation to the Jive (internal) solutions library so that members can easily 'click to join it' and have it in their Outlook calendar / get reminders about it etc. He doesn't want the process to be admin-heavy. These Webinars are important for continual learning of our solution consultants so he also wants all the Webinars to be consolidated in one widget on the library Overview page. Ideally the members of the training library should get reminders about upcoming Webinars. (Note: having Webinar invitations sent or shared to everyone by email is overloading their Outlook and is also driving them away from Jive... so we obviously want to bring them to Jive as their one-stop-shop for info and news.


      Possible solutions:

      1. go to the linked event from the email and Jive Anywhere it into the Solutions Library as a discussion that includes a link to the invitation. Go to the discussion in Vibe and then add a tag e.g. cisco_event. Add a Content watch-a-tag widget to the Overview page. Users would then Follow the library, see the new Webinar discussion and click on the link to get to the discussion and from there go to the Cisco event and join/add to their outlook. They should also see the discussion about the event coming into their activity streams. They would also see the Webinar on the library Overview page in the widget.

      2. create manually a Vibe Event and copy-paste the Cisco linked event into it. Add an Event Calendar widget to the small area of the Overview page. Possibly also add a document with a links to all events that could potentially be updated monthly. Followers of the group will see the events as they are created, in their streams and can click to attend/add to calendar to get the event into their Outlook. They will also have to follow the link to the Cisco page to 'attend' the actual event.... Mark can also add an 'announcement' to send a reminder to members' Jive Inbox for upcoming events.

      3. convert the Partner email to a discussion in the library using the Outlook integrator - then tag it with e.g. cisco_event (looks like you have to add the tag later in the Jive discussion as you can't do it from Outlook?)

      4. get a relevant RSS feed of all Cisco Webinars to the library.



      For me option 4, the RSS is the easiest solution (but it depends if there is such a feed existing and if it is accessible or in a private/partner area of the Cisco site). Option 2, the manual creation of events, seems very heavy on admin, also it requires the user to Attend both the event in Jive AND the actual event which might be confusing. I am leaning to option 1, Jive Anywhere, being the best option. Shame you can't add the tag as you JA it into the group. It's not ideal because you don't have it as an 'event' for the 'event calendar' widget.


      I look forward to your comments, ideas, and advice on the best way to do this. Maybe I am missing some options???? Please do share