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    Two New Features:  How do they Work

      We have just upgraded to 2.0 without any time for me to get used to the system before telling our members about it.  I have questions about two features I have to figure out pretty quickly:


      1) Sharing content with non-Clearspace members.  This is a  new feature of 2.0 but how does it work?  How does a member share content with a non-member?

      2) Customization, changing the default.  How do I, as the system administrator, change the layout of the default home page for all my users?  I want to do this before anybody goes and starts to make changes (which I presume they will use when I change the default?



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          Hi Daniel,


          1) The document sharing feature works by utilizing a service provided by Jive. Once your Clearspace instance is configured to connect to that service then end users can share the document (in the right sidebar when viewing the document) by providing an email address for the other person. The other person receives an email that invites them to collaborate on that document through the Jive service. Once the other person navigates to the document they can view and comment on the document.


          2) As a system administrator you should see a "(customize)" link inside the "All Content" tab (when viewing that tab) on the home page. Click on the "(customize)" link and you'll be able to change the default for everyone.


          Let me know if you have any other questions.