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    How to mass delete documents (not users)?


      Hi everybody,


      Our site has a large number of Documents that we've found we'd like to delete. How can we delete them without visiting them one at a  time?


      Here's the story: When we started up our site, we wanted to make sure we included the historical data from the previous html-based resource that the company had maintained for many (20+) years, which included bug reports for the company's software. We uploaded the bug reports in two ways: in one Space, we have all the individual reports (about 6000 of them), and in an "archive" Space, we have a small number (21) containing documents that include each of those bug reports. When our site first opened up and the bug reports hadn't been uploaded quite yet, everyone loved the Search tool. Afterward, they didn't like it so well because any time they searched on something the results were mostly obsolete bug reports.


      To improve our site's efficiency we'd like to delete the individual bug reports for the older versions of the software: about 4000 Documents maybe.


      Do we need to view each one individually and click Delete? Or is there a way to delete a large number of Documents individually?


      Thanks. - Josh