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    Community and Community Manager maturity model and matrix


      I was delighted to meet Rachel Happe at JiveWorld last year and I picked up a copy of the Community Round Table "Community Maturity Model" at her booth (thank you Rachel it's great!). I came across it the other day and have been looking at how I can apply this model to measure the maturity of our internal communities...


      Here is the model:


      And here is my idea about how we 'could' create a matrix to measure the maturity of our internal communities, using Rachel's model as a guide (and a simple spreadsheet with 'join the dots'.




      Do any of you measure the maturity of your communities?


      My next task is to create a maturity matrix for Community Managers...I plan to look at the top 5 or 6 core competencies they need (e.g. collaboration, communication, participation etc) and then get each community manager to rate themselves from 1 (low) to 5 (high). The idea will be that some community managers have great capabilities in some areas, and can mentor others... others will be stronger in different skills needed for the job. The 'community management practice' group will support them to bring each other up. Like we do here It's a great use case for peer learning.


      Do you do that? I am interested in your feedback on community and community manager maturity models so join in (and feel free to 'try out' the above yourselves to see what works).


      What do you think are the top core competencies needed for a community manager?

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          Hi Claire -


          This is awesome - I love how you have structured this. Over the years, many of TheCR Network members have used the CMM in similar ways (the network also has a ppt template to translate this type of assessment into a roadmap - well worth the membership fee alone if you are actively using the model).


          This year's State of Community Management was a joint effort with our members to create a quantifiable scoring based on the Community Maturity Model/CMM and we collaborated with a number of them to come up with objective measures of maturity for each competency - worth downloading and it has some great data. One of the things we can now do for clients with the data from this research is perform community audits that compare your results against the research database and give you our objective recommendations of where your biggest opportunities are - happy to chat about that if you are interested.


          We are also just embarking on a new research platform looking at community managers - their responsibilities, experience, salaries, etc. Your idea to create a similar maturity matrix is something worth pursuing.  Again, I would encourage you to join TheCR Network as we collaborate pretty closely with members to develop models and our research structures so that we have models that work across use cases and industries. In fact, one of our members just presented a case study of how he is using the model and an excel assessment calculator he built around it to consult internally with those managing communities.


          I am happy to answer other questions and/or chat with anyone who would like to pursue this in more depth - it is one of the core things we do at The Community Roundtable. My direct email is rachel@communityroundtable.com


          Thank you for sharing Claire!