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    "Create" Link in Nav Menu


      Hi everyone!


      I would love to learn how to theme, and I was told by Support that what I want to do would require a theme change so it seems like a perfect time to learn!


      Basically what I would like to do is limit the options that are on the "Create" link on our nav menu to only allow the creation of Discussions (or questions) and to have the Place field automatically filled out for them. Also, maybe depending on the space would change what's in the "Create" menu.


      So for example, if a user is in the "All Discussions" space, they would only be able to create a Discussion in that space from the "Create" menu. However, if they're in our ideas space, they would only be able to create an Idea from that menu.


      I have no experience with theme building/editing so help would be extremely appreciated!