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    Jive 7 Hosted CSS

    Stacy Plante

      I have digged and digged and cannot seem to find this answer.  Does anyone know how to modify this particular CSS code???  Where in the world does it reside?  I've even attempted to overide the custom CSS and it had zero effect.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We are in a Jive 7 hosted environment.


      .j-box.j-enhanced header, .jive-widget .jive-box-header {

          background-color: #006395;

          background-image: url("http://THIS is what I need to change!!!!"); - needs to be changed to HTTPS

          background-position: 0 0;

          background-repeat: repeat-x;

          border-bottom: 0 solid #EEEEEE;

          border-style: solid none;

          border-top: 0 solid #EEEEEE;