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    Invites not being received


      I have just set up a couple of projects and tasks and I really like the Producteev solution, however I have one problem. When I send an invite to my lead developer, Producteev says its sent but he never receives it. I can send emails to people within my own Company (same email domain) and people in other domains but not this poor chap. If I cannot get him included then I will have to abandon the use of Producteev which would be a huge shame.


      A few people have raised similar issues in the past and is seems that the receiving email server may be rejecting the mail and once that happens it gets "bounce listed" and so will not send any further emails (although it says they have been sent in the application). I have asked the Company to check for rejection of @producteev.com emails, but can anyone check to see if there were any issues. I sent the invites about 3:00 pm UK (10:00 am New York time, 7 am LA time).


      The email domain that is not receiving emails is @mindmillsoftware.com


      Anyone in Jive able to help?


      Many thanks