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    Error Creating Content


      Both the TEMPLATE and FORM DATA documents have been created and are properly referenced.

      The FORM DATA is in USER SUPPORT and HELP. ( It is DOC-7606 and references docID "7603"

      The TEMPLATE is in an OPEN GROUP where the document being created is to be posted. (It is DOC-7603)

      I receive an error message "Error creating content: Could not load object with type 700 and ID 7603"


      These two documents parallel two other documents that work perfectly and are configured and stored in the same places, but have different names and DOC numbers.


      Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?.




      Thank you,

      Linda Dean

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          I don't know the form builder app, but that error message implies it's trying to load a group (object type 700) with id 7603, rather than a document with that id.

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            Linda - Looking at the URL, I am guessing you are trying to predefine the place where the document will be posted. What do you have for locationType and locationId in the URL?  The locationId should be the placeID for the Social Group.

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              Thank for your comments.  They  made me "think", so I did a character-by-character comparison between two documents used to launch the two similar forms ... the LOCATIONID in the href was wrong in the one that was throwing the error.


              This was known to work:

              <a href="/apps/ps-formbuilder#canvas:{&quot;category&quot;:&quot;Your Templates&quot;,&quot;template&quot;:&quot;Health Informatics SME Help Wanted Ad Template&quot;,&quot;locationType&quot;:&quot;group&quot;,&quot;locationId&quot;:&quot;1064&quot;}" _jive_internal="true">



              This was not working:

              <a href="/apps/ps-formbuilder#canvas:{&quot;category&quot;:&quot;Your Templates&quot;,&quot;template&quot;:&quot;Study Partner Wanted Ad Template&quot;,&quot;locationType&quot;:&quot;group&quot;,&quot;locationId&quot;:&quot;7603&quot;}" _jive_internal="true">



              Thank you for your suggestions.