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    jivedw_activity_summary table - what is included in the 'create count', 'response count', modify count'?



      I am interested in finding out the number of members who contributed (our internal definition of contribution is people creating content - discussions, blogposts, docs, polls, etc.).

      I am looking at the jivedw_activity_summary table, and see a bunch of counts. Does anyone know what user action is included in counts towards-

      1. create - ( is this discussion, question, blogpost, doc, video, poll, event, file, idea, status update, message a member, send invite, friendship, bookmarks, etc. Does it also include responses, replies, comments, likes, rates, etc.?)

      2. response - (is this replies and comments, on more than that?)

      3. modify- what does this include?


      Below is the query I used:-

      SELECT to_char(day_ts, 'YYYY-MM') , user_id, username, content_id, content_type, container_id,

             container_type, sum(create_count), sum(response_count), sum(view_count), sum(modify_count),

             sum(like_count), sum(rate_count), sum(mention_count), sum(follow_count), sum(bookmark_count)

        FROM jivedw_activity_summary