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    My first Jive Anywhere cartridge ... and it doesn't work

    Robert Hanson

      I am deploying to a fresh local Jive development instance with the extendedApis plugin loaded.  The instance is being run via Maven, if that matters.


      My cartridge looks like this...







      The pagescript.js is empty.  The module.js looks like this:

      //this.minimumRequiredVersion = 2.1;
      this.init = function () {
      this.onGetModuleUI = function (callback) {
          var info = { defaultTabId: 0, tabs: [{ title: "Hello World" }, {}] };
      this.onGetPreviewData = function (openGraphMetadata, isFinal, customValues, callback) {
         callback("<div>GOOD TO GO</div>");


      The include patterns are "google.com" and "www.google.com" (without quotes).


      I am able to create new discussions in my Jive instance, but the preview is the JiveAnywhere default and not the custom "GOOD TO GO" message.



        • Re: My first Jive Anywhere cartridge ... and it doesn't work

          Two things, are you deploying this cartridge as an add-on component, or directly via the admin console?  In both scenarios, make sure that your cartridge is "active" and that your browser recognizes the match. 


          In this example,

          Getting Started > Creating a Cartridge with the Jive Node SDK

          you'll notice that when the cartridge is published and live, you should see the "Google ..." cartridge is active message at the top of Jive Anywhere.  Do you see this?


          For a test, can you do a single domain, such as "www.google.com" before we try multiple?


          Also, you will need to specify the minimum required version for your cartridge, so go ahead and uncomment line 1.


          Give those items a try, and then restart the browser for good measure (browsers have to be restarted for new cartridge changes to take affect) and let me know if that helps. =)


          Glad to see you are giving cartridges a look!