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    Jive 7 and IE 11 RTE issues?

    Kara Francis

      Has anyone had issues with the JC (I don't have another Jive 7 environment to reproduce the issue with) and IE 11?  I will be typing and if I backspace, sometimes it will delete sections of my content and I can't say undo to get it back.  I'm not sure specifically what else triggers this to happen, since it isn't 100% of the time.  I backspace a lot, so I am not exactly sure what the issue is.  It may be something on my specific PC, but thought that I would check to see if anyone else is experiencing this.


      It did it while I was typing this post... I went back in to the first sentence to add something, and I hit backspace and it deleted three of my sentences that came after where I had hit backspace, even though I had only hit the backspace key once.


      It just did it again... I highlighted the text to copy what I wrote (to avoid losing it again) - but it deleted a part of my post.

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          I have not had this exact issue, but similar.  On my computer I use Chrome with my v7 environment.  Lately I've noticed that when I @mention someone, sometimes instead of adding the @mention it navigates to their profile and when I go back, my post is completely gone and Recover is not an option.  I also have issues with both Chrome and Safari on my ipad ... when I type, it adds the first character typed twice and I cannot go back and edit anything.  It doesn't disappear, it just won't let me edit and if I try it locks up and I have to quit and start over.