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    Rich text editor improvements back-ported to 1.10.x?

      We are having a number of annoying problems with the rich text editor in 1.10.5. We are getting:


      • extra white space inserted after switching between rich text and plain text
      • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 problems ... all headings end up looking the same except h3 which is slightly larger than the others
      • backspace key either not working or double-deleting (2 characters at a time)
      • hitting the enter key  inserts two line breaks, not one
      • etc
      • etc


      So our question is: has anyone back-ported the fixes that exist in 2.x back to 1.10.x? Is this possible? I guess a second question would be: does Jive have any plans to back-port those fixes to 1.10.x?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Ok, so I just poked around a bit and the h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, etc problem turned out to be our problem with css ... d'oh! But my other concerns are still valid ... I think ...    

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            I really have to work on this annoying habit I have of replying to my own discussion threads  


            That said, I have been looking at the code and I'm pretty sure a back-port is just not feasible. I'm looking at the com.jivesoftware.base.wiki package in v2.0 of Clearspace and - wow - there is a ton of new code in there and much of it has to do with cleaning up the editors and their handling of content.  So at this point it might be easier to upgrade to 2.x that it would be to back-port the fixes to 1.10.x ... sweet! I guess I'll take a harder look at the SSO changes in 2.x and see just how much work is involved in getting our custom SSO implementation to work in the 2.x code base.

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                Hi thomh,


                There currently are not plans to backport the changes made to the rendering engine for content in 2.0 to the 1.x series of Clearspace.  The rendering engine was pretty much overhauled from the ground up for 2.0 and trying to apply all those changes to 1.x would be rather risky




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                    Thanks, Scott. After posting my question I did some poking around in the 2.0 code and it became obvious very quickly that it would be difficult if not impossible to back-port the rich text editor improvements. Oh well ... just another eason to upgrade to 2.x, right?  



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                        We'd love to hear your feedback on the RTE once you upgrade and we have lots more improvements planned. One major change between 1.x and 2.x is that we now store XHTML in the database instead of wiki syntax. That still leaves a fairly complicated flow on the back-end:




                        The conversion to wiki syntax then back to XHTML is necessary so that we have a consistent editing and rendering experience between the two formats. Here's a bigger question -- how would your users feel about us moving towards just supporting an RTE over time and retiring the wiki syntax?



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                            While the RTE editor in 2.0 is much better than the one in 1.x, I still prefer the plain-text editor (and the wiki syntax) when I'm writing technical documentation. It's faster to type a few more characters than it is to keep going back and forth with the keyboard and mouse.

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                                I have to agree with jon.  We've had a very strong and wide user response to the editors in Clearspace.  Most of our users are using the plain text editor now due to the glitches in rich text and they are wanting more power as well.  In particular, the inability to create anchor tags has caused a lot of discussion activity.   Our users also want more sophisticated formatting of tables (shading etc.).  We are on 1.10.5 currently and while the RTE is improved in 2.x I don't think that will diminish this strong desire for more powerful editing that is coming from our user base. 

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                                To give you an idea of the frustration that Amanda is refering to (Amanda and I work together at Chordiant), here's an email I just received from one of our users. The 'Jot' that he/she is referring to is our old platform, which is a JotSpot wiki that we are migrating content and users from. Clearspace has been rolled out here as not just a Jot replacement, but a huge improvement. And it is a huge improvement, but not in this (very important) area. The version of JotSpot that we're currently using has a very nice WYSIWYG editor that is based on the dojo editor. Anyway, here's the email that I just received:



                                Subject: My  recommendation: don't use wiki rich text  editor...


                                Just a suggestion based on  observations: it might be best to only use the plain text editor instead of the  rich text editor.  The latter screws up formatting big time all of the time.   The plain text editor doesn’t and the help for it is sufficient.  Even just  opening a page up by default in the rich text editor reformats it (you’ve all  see extra spaces being inserted for no reason).  I’ve set my editor to plain  text by default (on the right side of the editor when you edit a page).  


                                Additionally, the preview can lose  you data format by switching between that and the editor, so I’ve heard.  My  mode of operation: only work in the plain text editor and “preview” my work by  actually saving it and seeing the actual document.


                                I’m getting flashbacks to the Jot  editor days…