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    A notification is already set for the email address "<email address>" and the channel type "1"




      I just joined Producteev, and I am trying to set up all the email addresses from which I might be creating tasks via email.


      In Settings > Emails, I currently see 5 email addresses, and I am currently having problems adding the email address from my Evernote account. Of those 5 email addresses, one is my Producteev account address, and the other 4 are ones that I've added to enable me to create tasks from them.


      When I email notes from my Evernote account, it seems to come from "no-reply@evernote.com", at least according to a test sending it to my normal email address.


      When I try to add that in the Settings > Emails screen, I get an error message that says:

      A notification is already set for the email address "no-reply@evernote.com" and the channel type "1"


      ...and the email address does not get added to the list on that page. Plus, I don't want to add the Evernote address to receive notifications, I want to add it to create tasks.


      When I then go to Settings > Notification Settings, I see the 4 previously added email addresses, but I do not see the Evernote address, so that error message seems to be wrong.


      How can I add my Evernote address so that I can create tasks by emailing a note to tasks@producteev.com from within Evernote?



      => Edwin