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    How to avoid add-on service popup for jive connects api



      I have created a forceAddUserService (by moving some code from Ryan's admin essential app to node.js server).

      And this is registered in add-on services under admin console.


      Now whenever a user opens the jive app for the first time, this popup is displayed -->

      Jive-Add-On popup.png


      Is there a way to avoid this popup? I never want to show this to my users and somehow auto-link the app for them to the service i have registered in jive-add-ons.

      This service is an end point on the same node.js server which runs the jive-sdk for admin essentials.


      When we register the service in admin console, we can select some authentication types (Anonymous, basic, oauth, etc...)

      I want to avoid this popup irrespective of the authentication type I select for this add-on service and somehow automate this process.