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    Showing unanswered questions for all sub-spaces within a space




      I wondered if I am missing a trick.  We have recently upgraded to  The way we have our community organised is that we have the top level space as a product and then below this we have sub-spaces as different components of the product.  This works well because we can assign different approvers to a component depending on speciality.


      The problems we have are that in I can't seem to find a way to view all unanswered questions within a space that will also show me all unanswered questions within the sub-space.  So in other words I want to see all unanswered questions for that product and any components of that product.  Any way that I can display unanswered questions (filters on content or widgets) will only show me the questions at the top level space and not for any sub-spaces.


      Can anyone share a solution that I've missed?


      Thanks in advance,