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    How to trigger recommended content for users?




      I'm trying to get a better understanding of how JIVE's recommender service works. I'm aware that the service tracks a users interactions within the JIVE community and then generates recommendations based on this activity. I'm also aware that a users global permissions will have a baring over what content is ultimately recommended. However what i can't seem to find is information on the following;



      • How often does the recommender service process a users activity?
      • Are the recommendations instantaneous or will today's activity be reflected in tomorrow's recommendations?
      • Is there a minimum set of use cases which a user must execute before the recommender service will be triggered into action?
      • Do i need a minimum "contributor" score before recommendations will trigger for my account?
      • I can see "Matters Most" recommendations but not "Recommended for you" recommendations. Is there a difference between these algorithms and why would i see one and not both?


      Any help with these questions would be great as it will help me get a better understanding of how i can effectively use recommendations in my application.