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    Anyone have experience merging spaces?




      I'm not having any luck with merging spaces.


      Step 1: In Admin > Spaces > Management I select a space that i want to merge with another space in the Space Summary window.In this case Nucleus RTOS.

      Step 2: I click the Merge Spaces menu option (on the left)

      Step 3: I get this message: Merging two spaces can be an intensive process that will clear numerous caches and add significant load on the database. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to merge spaces during high usage periods. Choose a space into which Nucleus RTOS will be merged. Note that you cannot merge a space into one of its own child spaces."

      Step 4: I select the space that i want to merge Nucleus RTOS to. In this case, Sourcery Tools.


      Step 5: Then I click Merge Space at the bottom of the screen.

      Step 6: I get the Continue with Merge? caution box saying after content from Nucleus RTOS has been merged to Sourcery Tools then Nucleus RTOS will be deleted. I click OK.

      Then nothing seems to happen except it seems to kick me back to Step 3.

      Anyone any experience with this? If I'm supposed to give it time to complete there is no indication of that and hours later the space I merged is still there.

      Little help?



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          I have had this problem sometimes, then it works later and gives you a box with an indicator that it's working. Sometimes, even if the latter happens, it will get interrupted and discontinue with no indication of such.


          I recommend trying it at 10pm or 6am.

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            I see the same issue as you.  The spaces I am merging are very small and it doesn't matter if I do this outside of peak usage times.  Looks like it might be a software issue to me so I am raising with support.

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              We are seeing the same behavior. Merge does not do anything at all and no errors too.

              David Bastedo


              Can someone from Jive respond? Is there any property that has to be tweaked for merging to work? or is this a bug?




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                  Hi Hemal Kapasi - I suspect that there will be messaging in your sbs.log file around why the space merging is failing. It's possible that the system may be running into an error trying to move some content. If you're not able to find a clear cause in the application logs then it may be best to open a new support case so we can take a deeper look into your specific issue.

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                    My colleague posted our original experience. It was pretty, shall we say, frustrating. And quite honestly, since prepping for our migration, conducting the migration, and dealing with post-migration issues, it has all become a bit of a blur. since I was responsible for getting all the community hierarchy in place, some of the merging I just took care of in our old, old version. Even in v4 that action was pretty stable. I don't recall if some of the merging issues were corrected with a re-start after migration or not. would have to check back thru the cases. I do recall having success in merging post-migration tho. However, what was a tad frustrating is that I would try to merge and it would throw an error with a message that wasn't all that intuitive. But what the message meant was that I didn't have content enable in the receiving community (like polls) that I did in the sending community. Once I figured out what this message meant, I would just enable all content, then go back after the fact and re-adjust. Not only was the error message not all that clear, but I also recall that I didn't always have a content in sending comms that I needed to check in the receiving comm. But just ther day I had an internal customer on one of the comms do a merge that went off without a problem.

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                    This discussion really belongs in a Support area and not in "developer".

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                      Has anyone found a solution? I tried to merge two small spaces, but I keep getting sent back to step 3 (reference Ronan Feely's original post)... any thoughts? Thanks!