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    Problem With Backdated Content Update via REST API


      I'm trying to use the new backdated features to suppress activity entries when moving content in bulk from one Space to another.  In testing with CURL, I've managed to successfully use the "updated" query parameter to accomplish this when making a simple change like adding a tag to a document.  However, when actually trying to move the document from one Space to another, the "updated" query parameter has no effect (the updated date reflects the date/time at which I made the CURL request, and an activity entry is generated).


      The steps I took were:


      1. Perform a GET /contents/{contentID} request to get the document JSON
      2. Remove the "parentPlace" entry for the document and alter the "parent" field to match the destination Space.
      3. Put the updated JSON in a PUT /contents/{contentID}?updated=2014-06-26T20%3A56%3A48.510%2B0000


      Any idea why the behavior would be different for one action as opposed to the other?


      Thanks for your help!