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    How do you train your internal community users

    kim.nelson Expert

      During the June Bay Area User group breakout session for the internal communities, users wanted to know how other Jive customers train their users.  Share your best practices.

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          susan_rubio Advanced

          I am two months into my position as the community manager and our company-wide rollout.  My phone/IM/DM/e-mail is "ringing off the hook.”  Our Jive space is THE place to be.   It's great to have this kind of momentum!


          I do a 30-minute overview for whoever asks.  We also do new member sessions once a week and new group owner sessions once a week.

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              We have a customer visible community and need to train customers as well as employees.


              Externally (customer and employee) we have a Getting Started space with Pre-recorded video around key functions, FAQ, quick start guides, etc. Additionally we conducted a 30 minute web cast

              Internally (only employee) we have a Feedback space with additional training videos (e.g for moderator or around reporting), plus best practices and etiquette documents. We have weekly open mic calls with all moderators and whoever is interested to answer questions.


              We plan to build out learning tracks once we implement advanced gamification.