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    All docs posted more than 2 months ago are now showing as posted by "guest"


      We are using version 1.10.1

      All documents, no matter whether uploaded or wiki, that were created more than 2 months ago have started showing as posted by "guest."  This shouldn't be possible, since we have permissions set so you can only post documents if you are logged in. 


      This is causing problems because we have encouraged (successfully) folks to use the wiki doc feature to post resource lists and other documents in which they ask for collaboration.  For instance, someone might post a list of good websites specific to the interests of their community, and encourage other people to add their own websites.  If a document shows that it was posted by "guest" no one can edit that doc to add their stuff.  I'm the overall community admin, and I can't, and the author of the document can't.  The only options are to manage versions or delete.


      These docs used to show the name of the author/uploader, but I think that broke after an update.  We have a tech guy that does the updates, but I'm the community admin. He's done a few updates since, but this hasn't gotten fixed, and is a headache.


      What gives, and how do we fix it?

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          Hi - are you sure it is all docs posted two months ago or could it be docs posted by a certain user who is no longer in your system?  If you remove someone from the system, their content will show as created by Guest.  

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              No, it's definitely everything after about 2 months ago.  The members who posted these "guest" docs are still active members, and the documents they're posting now are showing up right.  Here's the link to the page in our docs where everything switches over if you'd like to take a look:



              The thing is,  you can see that the "last modified by," feature is working.  In many cases, this "last modified by" is actually the person who posted, because the document was just posted and never actually modified.


              Thanks for your help!

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                  Did you by chance go through an upgrade about 2 months ago?  There was an issue with upgrades from early Clearspace versions that could cause document owners to be changed to be owned by guest.  This can also sometimes happen when an upgrade in later versions takes a significant amount of time.


                  The fix is to get the user from the first version of the document and update the userid on the jivedocument record with the userid from that version.


                  So, try the following:


                  1) Backup your database

                  2) Stop the application server

                  3) Execute the following query


                  update jivedocument
                  set userid = (select userid
                                  from jivedocversion
                                 where jivedocversion.internaldocid = jivedocument.internaldocid
                                   and jivedocversion.versionid = 1)
                  where userid = -1;


                  4) Start the application server.


                  The documents that were owned by guest should now have their original owner restored.