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    How to edit the Abuse settings in Jive 7


      Where do I go to alter the text content for the Abuse settings in on premise Jive 7?


      Out of the box the drop down list has around 10 options to select from, we only need around 3 or 4 at the most and one of these is to indicate wrong content rather than specific abuse. I can find in the Admin space settings the ability to turn on the abuse and the number of reports from users for the system to block the content until reviewed by a moderator, but not where the list of abuse types can be edited.


      Any hints on where the list is (db, etc.) and how to edit is much appreciated.


      Tks in advance



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            Hi John,


            Thanks for your help.


            The abuse text can be changed in the  admin console : \system\settings\phrase substitutions\view rules


            Add a rule, then use the following (as an example):


            • Target =                      KEY
            • Operator =                  EQUALS
            • Pattern =                     abuse.type.explicitContent.text
            • Replace With =           Breach of Copyright


            The option VALUE in Target doesn't work.


            The result is (abuse and moderators are set up and activated) when reporting abuse the drop down option ‘Explicit Content' text has been replaced with ‘Breach of Copyright'.


            You can change any of the abuse types using this but you cannot delete the specific items to reduce the number of abuse options from the drop down list (10). This is done to the java file (so I've been informed). What I did do though is change all the ones I didn't want to use to ‘Not Currently in Use'.