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    Disabling the feature of sharing a document with someone who does not have access


      When we attempt to share a document with another user who does not have access to the document (because of the restricted permission), the "share" action will rather generate an email with the PDF copy of the document.


      The issue is that when this happens, the Retention plugin cannot capture the event and cannot generate the retention message, which has been flagged by our Compliance. We had advice from Jive Support that this issue has been filed as RECRET-640, but there are no bugfix plans on the road map due to the complexity.


      We are considering to disable this "share" feature somehow: i.e. the "share" should not work if the recipient user does not have permission to access the document. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible to turn it off easily out-of-the-box.


      What would be a recommended approach to achieve our goal, developing a plugin if necessary? Any advice is appreciated.


      (We are using Jive on-premise version, and planning to upgrade to Jive 7.0.1.x.)


      FYI: Neil Heassler

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          Ryan Rutan

          Definitely sounds like an interesting case.  First time I'm hearing of it unfortunately.  I did a quick check here:

          Undocumented Jive System Properties

          and didn't see the property (if it exists to turn off the feature entirely).


          Unfortunately, short of doing CSS hides and/or editing the templates, not sure how I'd recommend that you start.


          At first you need to be able to trap the scenario, which I can totally see via an EventListener plugin; however, that would be an after-the-fact scenario rather than in-line. Besides customizing the entire share-experience, which would probably get difficult pretty quick ... I'm not sure what I'd do to try and close the gap in the short-term.


          Wish I had better answers for you, but this one is definitely unique.

          Josh Richau Mor Avital - Do you know anything about records retention roadmap and where this might fall in priority?

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              I am unaware of a way to disable this.


              However, I would think from a compliance standpoint you would be capturing the email on the recipient end anyway since you also need to account for the situation where employee A rather than using a share as pdf simply copies and pastes the content into an email and send sit to employee B. In the case of the share via PDF or the email, your email compliance should capture employee B's receipt of the information...


              I will acknowledge that Jive makes it easier to do this via the share - however we also alert employee A to what they are doing (which email doesn't do).

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                  Thanks for your message. You are right that the recipient (employee B) receives the archive because of the email (not by the retention plugin), and what has been pointed out by our Compliance is that the archive message is not available for the sender (employee A) who performed the "share" action.


                  As a short term solution, we've implemented a plugin that monitors the "share" popup dialog and uses jQuery to disable the share button whenever there are any "red" recipient boxes ('.j-warning' class).


                  It sounds very helpful that you are considering a permanent solution. Just from the perspective of our own archiving implementation, if the email with the PDF attachment is sent to both employee A and employee B, the archive message will certainly be generated.