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    RSS Blogs feed to display in external html web page




      My company has recently implimented the Jive platform within our enterprise. We have several intranet sites we use daily and the intergation of Jive is proven to be an asset. In order to expand on all Jive has to offer, I am doing some anaylsis on RSS capabilities. Here is what I'm trying to achieve and can this be done.


      • Using a simple HTML page I'd like to add a place where blog entries from a dept manager can be displayed real time on the page. The dept manager via a Jive blog can enter in daily news and communications. That content will be displayed in the assigned area of the page. The goal is to allow certain folks to update daily communications without touching the actual html.
      • Can this me done with just html and inserting an API script? I've done something like this with Quickbase before but would like to achieve using Jive. My guess is this would be a jquery that references the Jive feed. I just don;t really know how to do it (pull the blog feed)
      • Using the example below. Each link would point directly to the blog entry in which the title reflects. As new blog entries are added they will appear in this area.




      Dept Manager John Smith News Updates




      Any assistance is much appreciated.



      Thank You

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          There are a few ways you can do this.  Retrieving a Blog RSS feed is quite simple, and there are a number of libraries, such as jFeed that might work.


          In short, this would call the RSS feed (assuming its public) and then make it available to the external HTML page.  If the site is secured, then you'll either need to grant access and/or create a user to allow the RSS feed to be seen.  Using a simple HTTP Basic Curl request with basic caching  (with a simple cron), is a very easy and common pattern I have seen.


          Hope that helps. =)