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    After importing a Microsoft Word document to Jive, formatting does not appear in the document preview


      Our organization frequently imports Microsoft Office documents to Jive for collaboration.  Many times the formatting from a Microsoft Word document does not appear in the document preview.  This has happened to several people, but it especially happens to me.  The specific scenario for me is: I use MindJet MindManager to generate an outline, then export the outline to Word based on a Word template file, and then import the resulting document to Jive.  The formatting from the Word template looks good in the document, but never appears in the Jive preview.


      This may not seem like a big deal.  But I constantly share documents this way, and frequently get comments that people "can't read" the documents.  All they need to do is download the document to see the formatting, but busy readers decide immediately it is a low quality document and move on.


      How can I make the formatting from a Word document always appear in the document preview?