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    Using Social Groups as a virtual classroom area??


      Hello -


      I was wondering if anyone else here has used social groups in Jive to create a co-hort social area for people taking training together.  We have an online training system that both employees and 3rd parties can go through to become product certified.  One of our instructors has been prototyping using a social group + projects as a way to answer questions for people and help guide them through 2-6 week trainings.  Has anyone else done something similar?  Willing to share experiences?


      Our instructor has a social group where she maintains her core content that is supplemental to the formal training (more examples, short checks and quizzes) and then she creates projects for each group of people who come through her classes.  She hits problems around user management, bulk content management, wanting to screen share with people, wanting to copy documents etc.  If there is anyone else who has done something similar I would love to connect and share thoughts on what has worked or not worked.





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          Keeley Sorokti

          Amanda - We use our Jive community for teaching/learning in a master's program at Northwestern. There are definitely applications for how we are using Jive in the corporate learning arena. I also know another Jive customer who uses their Jive community for learning in a consulting firm. She may be willing to talk to you. It might be easiest to set up a time to connect via google hangout or skype so we can chat about this in more detail. You can reach me at keeley.sorokti@northwestern.edu


          I'm not sure I have great answers for you around content management, copying documents, etc. but it would be great to connect. We are always interesting in having thought partners to connect with around learning/teaching.