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    How to list tasks by project using Producteev API?


      Hi Support,


      Currently, I am working Producteev API(Producteev API Documentation) to list down network, project and I find a bit difficult to integrate the tasks by project ID.  I use the search api stated in here https://www.producteev.com/api/doc/#Search


      The value that I put in as below:

      page: 10

      alias: all



      Request body as below:






      When I put in the search criteria, it returned


        "error": "Bad Request",

        "error_description": "The sort parameter is invalid. Available parameters are: created_at,updated_at,project,creator,deadline_time,priority,status,title,_score",

        "error_code": 400


      Am I doing it wrongly.  Your highly attention on this matter is much appreciated.


      Thank you,

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