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    Feature Idea: Custom Tabs for Space Admins in Addition to Widgets

    Ryan Rutan

      I think it would be an interesting feature...to allow/create an interface for Space Admins to create additional tabs for their community landing pages.  For example, if a user wanted to put a tab of related pictures...and wanted them to be separated out from the rest of the content, then they could click a button "Customize"...or "Add Tab"...and a nifty AJAX call will create a new tab that is clickable...and the user could add widgets to this new tab.


      Not sure if Tab Order is so important, as in being able to inject tabs in between the default Document/Discussions/Blog Posts tabs...but that would be that much cooler.  Being able to re-order the tabs (after, before, or before&After the default trio) would probably be needed.


      From what I'm seeing in your changes, it seems as though this is possibly a next logical step in personalization of the Community....any thoughts our ideas?