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    Video still frame (before play) is random


      Videos display an image before the user clicks the play button. This image is not the first frame of the video, but rather a seemingly random frame about 15 to 20 seconds into the video.

      Can we find out what the configuration is that causes this is? Can we set the video to display the first frame or at least something in the first five seconds? That way we could design an appropriate title or start frame. It was this way in 6 and is this way in 7 - just upgraded.


      Sometimes this can be awkward, as with our CEO caught in a strange expression. I uploaded a series of 20 minute videos with subtitles and they all have a start frame in black with the text (subtitle) "He had already filled out the forms." Needless to say this is confusing. This is at 0:55.  The fact that all of the videos of identical length had the still frame from precisely the same running time leads me to believe that there is some process that determines the still frame - percentage of total running time?

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          Do you know what they are using to edit the video? Is someone on site doing the video work for you?


          In Adobe Premier Pro you have the ability to assign a "Preview Image" to the video. I have tried that and it worked for me.

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              Thanks Nicholas. We are doing the video editing internally. I will convey your suggestion to our video master and see. He also is using Adobe Premier Pro. I'll let you know.

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                  Our video editor (in Premiere) said this doesn't work. Here was his reply:


                  You can create standalone JPEG images from PP using the camera icon below the monitor and can semi-automate the export of a still image alongside your video using presets in Adobe Media Encoder, but there's no option in PP (or via Adobe Media Encoder) to specify theembedded poster image in a rendered media file. Several third-party apps can do it, either during render (Compressor / Squeeze) or after the fact (Quicktime Pro), but support for these embedded resources depends on the wrapper for the video file.


                  In PP you can assign a “preview image” but it doesn’t affect the finished file – that’s an encoding issue.


                  So, you are using the "preview image" feature, and that image is displayed in the video player when you open up the video document screen? Please confirm or clarify.