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    Feature Idea: Browse Project Section

    Ryan Rutan

      I think it would be really interesting to be able to tag a Project with Tags and have the Tag Groups option available in the Browse Projects screen.  It seems as we take this feature and explode it over 2 years...what other ways can I slice/dice Projects when there are 200-500+?


      Tagging would be nice, with some set Tag Groups from an Admin to help Bucketize the Use-Cases.  Would allow really quick access to projects that pertain to a specific functional area.


      In this regard also, an option to hide the Project (not security wise...but exposure wise).  Let's say we have a project...it completes....do we want it to show up in the results until deleted?  Do we want to delete it?  Some combination of "Hide this Project"...or default behavior to only show projects that are "in progress" and hide all projects that are "completed".....with an Advanced search like toggle to search All Projects.


      Also, would like to reference about the nesting of Projects in this Projects - Parent Child Related vs. Flat? request.  I can see wanting to view projects only for a specific sub-community...or can a project span multiple communities?  Is it possible to do a private tag that let's you think you are browsing a tree/hierarchy however, it's really tag based to allow multiple affiliations?


      Just some ramblings right now...but as this feature takes off....the ability to digest projects on the level of (non-affiliation) is something I think needs to be addressed.  I.E.  if I wanted to go find a project to work on...how would I iterate through all the publicily viewable projects to find the one(s) I'd like to work on, besides 1 by 1.  Some mechanisms to get me in the ballpark would be great.


      Constructive feedback above, nothing negative. =)

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          Ryan Rutan

          So to clarify, when I look at the Projects in the Breadcrumb, they appear to be nested; however, the search/browse Projects doesn't reflect taxonomy...and the concept of "Moving a Project" doesn't exist anywhere in the admin/action menu.  Hence my comments about it being perceived as "flat".  While not 100% accurate, those were my observations, but given the breadcrumb there does appear to be a nested element to them...just thought I'd correct myself before some else did. =)

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            Thanks for the feedback on Projects! You bring up several great improvement areas, most of which we're addressing in the next release.


            It is really interesting to hear about your perception of how Projects are hierarchical/flat. They are hierarchical, but clearly we missed on expressing that in the global list of Projects.

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              So I'm confused... Projects are hierarchical in 2.5?


              It seems like projects have no way to be archived, and what's more... no way to be nested.


              I think it's important to reflect Agile methodologies in the project tool - which is to say 1 project should be able to contain several smaller projects working in tandem, and it should be intuitive to different users.  For instance Windows and Networking should view only the nested projects pertinent to them, but the manager of the project should be able to see the status of both teams on 1 calendar in different colors.  The health of the various projects would then derive the health of the overall larger project.  This allows granularity for teams and archiving for documentation, but also allows identifying points of failure without having to establish dependencies like waterfall methodology.


              Is this essentially already in Clearspace and I'm just a n00b?