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    Email notifications don't include the project tag, correct?


      My group uses tags to define on whose behalf a project-task is completed, instead of creating individual projects with each manager's name.


      So, for example, for the "Expense Reports" project, tasks in the project are tagged as "Bob" or "Maude" -- that identifies the tasks and lets us filter tasks assigned for "Bob" across different projects without creating redundancy.


      The problem is, when a task or project is completed, the notification email doesn't include the tag name -- so we don't know whose expense report was completed, or etc.


      We could solve this problem by creating name separate projects for each manager, but then we'd have a much longer list of projects and redundancy, so I want to confirm I'm not mistaken: that email notifications do not or cannot include the tag for the project.


      If not, I assume this would be something I could add as a feature request?